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Technician Recruitment

Notes from the TMC Fall Meeting

Temperature control

Match the refrigeration unit and the box for ultimate performance

Smart Choices

For O&S Trucking, fuel-saving technologies, effective specification choices and efforts to improve the efficiency of its operations are enabling ongoing growth and success

Deciding factors — Insider tips on how to choose maintenance software

There are some basic considerations fleets may want to consider when choosing the right software. “Because each vehicle maintenance software vendor takes a different approach, fleets should evaluate the software and the company supplying the software,” says Ed Cooper, president and owner of Squarerigger Inc.

Retaining tomorrow’s technician

The importance of attracting and retaining young technicians is increasing as more and more of the technician work force moves closer to retirement. The mass media seems eager to remind us that the leading edge of the “baby boomer” generation, which currently comprises the largest percentage of the nation’s work force , begins turning 60 this year.

Equipment Technology – Stretching Tire $$$

After fuel, tires are a fleet’s largest expenditure. Yet so many fleets tend to under-budget and under-manage this cost center. In fact, many fleets still treat tire management as an entry-level position and appoint the newest and least-experienced technicians to handle these expensive assets.

Spec’ing for Safety Rear-Vision Technologies

Backing accidents are quite common, according to David Money, technical director, transportation services, at Liberty Mutual Group’s Research Institute for Safety. “They account for 15 percent of all commercial motor vehicle accidents,” he says, “and while less expensive than other types of accidents because they generally happen at slow speeds, their frequency and the potential for serious consequences make it imperative to provide drivers with the best-possible visibility when backing.”

Lubrication on the go

Does the idea of improving vehicle availability intrigue you? Just a bit? Then how about improving vehicle availability while cutting your PM expenses? Getting a bit more interested? If you’d like to try it, you might consider spec’ing centralized lubrication systems when you next purchase vehicles.

Fuel economy: Tires

As record-high fuel prices continue to impact the bottom lines of all types of trucking operations, fleet managers are taking a much closer look at all of the factors that contribute to fuel efficiency.

Tracking assets, managing business

The ability and systems to track trailers has been around for about 10 years. During those years, a number of things have occurred that have made trailer-tracking, or asset-tracking, more widely accepted and of greater value in our industry.

True dedication – A concerted effort by AAA Cooper Transportation and its suppliers improves equipment and maintenance programs

When asked what things have contributed most to the success of equipment and maintenance programs in the nearly 29 years he’s been with AAA Cooper Transportation, Robert Floyd, director of maintenance, is quick to answer. “From our senior management to our newest employees,” he says, “there are many dedicated people, too many to mention, in fact.

We’re not in the maintenance business

This fleet manager knows it’s important to do his homework when it’s time to request proposals from his lessors. Safety, vehicle accessibility and maintenance schedules are all in the RFP.