Heavy Duty Truck Fleet Videos

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Watch: Why isn’t your truck safety data making your fleet safer?

When used in the right way, your trucking data is one of your most valuable and powerful tools. But even if you have great data, your interpretation of that data can blind you from the truth. Click here to watch more of FE’s On the Road video series. Here is a transcript of the video:

Watch: Truck parts inventory management can be easier than you think

If your fleet tends to buy too many or too few truck parts, or if you have a tough time keeping track of warranties, implementing a truck parts inventory management system might be the cure. Click here to watch more of FE’s On the Road video series. Here is a transcript of the video: If

Watch: Is there a sustainability strategy that will work for your fleet?

Nowadays, OEMs seem to be rolling out trucks running off of alternative fuels all the time in the name of sustainability, and many fleets are adopting them. But which alternative-fuel trucks are right for your fleet? Or are you planning to invest in alternative fuels at all? Click here to watch more of FE’s On

Watch: Why your truck grease deserves more love

Greases aren’t a one-size-fits-all solution. Fortunately, most fleets can get away with using maybe two, three or four greases. Click here to watch more of FE’s On the Road video series. Here is a transcript of the video: If you’re selecting your heavy-duty truck grease based on price rather than on application, you’re opening yourself

Watch: Moving the trust needle on cameras in trucks

There are few topics as divisive as the use of cameras in trucking, but both outward-facing cameras and in-cab video recording technology has come a long way over the years. A big part of using driver-facing cameras to your best advantage boils down to encouraging and working with the drivers rather than against them. Click

Watch: What tires will work best for regional-haul trucks?

All trucks are not created equal – and neither are truck tires. The wrong tire used for the wrong application can easily set you way back, damaging both your productivity and your ROI. Trucks in regional-haul applications, for example, need to be spec’d with the right tires to handle the job. In these tires, durability

Watch: How to maximize a truck’s fuel economy using wheel position

Every fleet wants to maximize efficiency, so here’s a fuel economy tire hack: Maximize the impact of the truck’s wheel position. You see, the trailer wheel position, which carries the most weight, contributes the most to the overall fuel efficiency of a commercial truck at about 43%. This is followed by the drive position at

Watch: Three ways to show trailer suspension maintenance more love

When it comes to good maintenance practices, tractors tend to get more attention than the trailers behind them. And it makes sense – tractors are more often part of a fleet’s preventative maintenance program. While a trailer might be parked in a lot somewhere out there, the indispensable tractor is just naturally inspected more frequently.

Watch: The best defense against cold weather battery issues

Your fleet, like most fleets out there, likely spends a lot of money on truck batteries, so you want the batteries you already have to last for as long as possible. All year long, everything looks good until the cold weather comes in and wrecks your bottom line. We’ve reached out to an old friend

Watch: New technology to decrease a truck’s emissions & better fuel economy

In November 2018, the EPA announced the need to update nitrogen oxide emissions standards in heavy-duty trucks with its Cleaner Trucks Initiative. According to the initiative’s overview found at epa.gov, heavy-duty vehicles are the largest contributor to mobile source emissions of nitrogen oxide, and they are expected to be one of the largest mobile source

Watch: Believe it or not, here are the true truck tire costs of fuel efficiency

Here’s the thing: Tire manufacturers could churn out heavy-duty truck tires that are far more efficient than what’s available today, but you probably wouldn’t want to equip the trucks in your fleet with them. Click here to watch more of FE’s On the Road video series.

Watch: The right axle choices for vocational trucks

Many applications – especially vocational trucks – have modified components based upon the specified intended service, and there’s no exception for axles. Click here to watch more of FE’s On the Road video series. Application is the alpha and the omega of equipment spec’ing. Consider the differences between a flatbed hauling materials to a construction