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Watch: Remote diagnostic services will save you time in the shop

By notifying drivers and fleet managers instantly, remote diagnostics systems indicate fault code severity levels and allow for more informed decisions about whether a truck is inoperable and if a service event should be started immediately.

Watch: If your TPMS tools aren’t working, this is probably why

If your TPMS tools are malfunctioning, oftentimes the tool itself is just fine, but it’s the software that’s outdated.

Watch: Trucking data changes are coming – here’s why

OEMs, suppliers, technology partners and maintenance providers are all aware of data’s potential, and that can cause a conflict around how and when certain truck systems are accessed, as well as who can access them.

Watch: Why you should buy in to trailer telematics now

Telematics are essential to being able to locate your trailers on a daily basis and understand if and how effectively they’re being used.

Watch: Five simple ways to maximize trucking efficiency and reduce emissions

Advancements in vehicle and engine technology, communication systems and fleet management programs give fleet operators today several different options on how they can improve performance, reduce emissions and reduce operating costs. In some cases, there are ideas you can implement today that can start saving you money the moment they’re implemented if you aren’t doing them already.

Watch: What’s in store for the future of retread manufacturing

Today, retread tires rival their new tire counterparts in both quality and safety, but just like with any other product, there’s still room to build a better mousetrap. Fleet Equipment caught up with a few retread experts to ask: What’s in store for the future of retread tire manufacturing?

Watch: Integrating your truck’s axles with the powertrain

While many truck OEMs today provide a fully-integrated powertrain that includes the axle, maybe you’re in a position where you want to fully customize your axles yourself. As a key part of the powertrain, it’s important the axle is spec’d to work with the truck’s engine and transmission if you want to maximize efficiency.

Watch: The Rolling Resistance-Fuel Efficiency Target Conflict

Although tire manufacturers are making technological leaps in tire design and rubber compounding year after year, they all still face what they call the “target conflict” between mileage and rolling resistance. This means that improving one of these characteristics in the tire typically reduces performance in the other area. Is it possible to find a tire that’s the best of both worlds?

Watch: Don’t neglect your trailer tires

Drivers don’t feel trailer tires in the same way that they do tractor tires, so even though it might not be on purpose, the fact is that it’s just easier to not think much about trailer tire inflation. They are, unfortunately, easy to neglect. But, this is a mistake!

Watch: Which fleets should be investing in wide base tires?

There are three big reasons a fleet might decide to go with wide base tires: weight savings, fuel efficiency, and load efficiency. However, we also know that wide base tires are more expensive, so which fleets should really be considering a swap?

Watch: Three lessons learned from the ELD mandate

If your fleet has drivers who are currently required to keep records of duty service, Dec. 16, 2019 is a date with which you should be very familiar. That’s the day your fleet must start to use the electronic logging devices known as ELDs that are registered with the Federal Motor Carrier and Safety Administration, or FMCSA.

FE On the Road ELD Mandate Lessons
Watch: The future of trailer tracking solutions

Software companies that create the trailer tracking systems fleet managers are familiar with know that having the ability to see the real-time location and status of your trailers can have a direct impact on your business’s productivity. So, we caught up with some of these companies to ask: What trailer tracking solutions are coming in the near future?