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Watch: Stave off winter’s effect on your truck’s wheel ends

Truck drivers have a lot to watch out for when they’re out on the roads in winter so the right wheel-end practices in the shop can help deliver peace of mind when it comes to their brakes. Click here to watch more of FE’s On the Road video series.

Watch: Truck electrification’s ‘messy middle’

2020 was a pivotal year for the emergence of electric trucks onto our roads, but for all the hype, electric trucks aren’t going to meet all application needs. It will take time for a nationwide infrastructure to be built and for battery life to be improved. This leads us to a period of time the

Watch: Do fuel additives in trucking really work?

Fuel additives – the most wonderful topic of the year! You see the advertisements, you see the charts and statistics, but when it comes down to brass tacks, do fuel additives really work? Click here to watch more of FE’s On the Road video series.

Watch: An electric axle trucking carol

Axle innovations keep getting better and better, so there are no “bah humbugs” to be had when it comes to the future of eAxles. Axle manufacturers have been working on eAxle solutions for years, it’s nothing new per se, but as time moves on and electric trucks become more popular, engineering innovation only gets better

Watch: The importance of tire sidewalls – A truck tire Christmas Story

If Santa ever tells you “You’ll blow the tire out, kid,” you tell him that not so long ago, the industry found that by stiffening up the sidewall of an over-the-road tire, the reduction of elasticity or deformation will increase fuel economy. The more elasticity built into a tire, the more energy is consumed as

Watch: Should truck driver-facing cameras die hard?

Driver-facing cameras is one of those topics that is hotly debated, and will probably continue to be debated until darn near the end of time. So today, I’m not trying to convince you of anything, I just want to look at a point/counterpoint argument as to whether or not driver-facing cameras are worth using, and

Watch: How crude oil prices impact truck engine oil costs

Oil prices go up and down at the slightest whim, and the volatility can be nerve-wracking. And, while it certainly does have an impact on diesel, oil prices affect the bottom-line cost of heavy-duty truck engine oil a little bit differently. Click here to watch more of FE’s On the Road video series.

Watch: As trailer telematics evolves, so should your fleet

There was a time when trailer telematics was basically a service that offered you a pinpoint on a map, saying “there’s your trailer!” But today, many trailer telematics services have evolved far beyond that. The fact is that fleet managers can no longer ignore telematics for their operation’s trailers. Click here to watch more of

Watch: Trucking coolants are evolving with the times

Every year, companies are coming up with new engines and other components that make trucks even more powerful and efficient. But when one component evolves, those changes affect other parts of the truck as well, like your tried-and-true coolant mixtures. So if you think there’s nothing new to know about trucking coolants, think again. Click

Watch: Protect the truck by protecting the tire bead

Maintaining the proper levels of inflation in a truck’s tires is a crucial aspect of keeping drivers safe and the truck fuel-efficient. But there’s another, often overlooked reason to make pre- and post-trip tire inflation inspections part of a driver’s daily routine: Protecting the tire bead. Click here to watch more of FE’s On the

Watch: Is biodiesel a good fuel choice for diesel engines?

These days, it seems as though there’s always a shifty stranger – The Invisible Fuel Man – whispering in my ear: “Hey Fleetkeeper. Let’s talk about electrification today.” I guess it makes sense – some of the biggest names in trucking are making some huge advancements in electric trucks. But what about all the other

Watch: The key to reducing trucking service downtime

Out there, where trucks are in need of service, there lurks an evil entity – one who keeps us wrapped up in the past and refuses to let some of us move on from ancient methods of information gathering. But, open up the lines of communication with your service providers, and you will have a