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How truck tire data tells an application story

Data is simply the representation of activity in digital zeroes and ones. So, what if you could leverage it to better understand your truck tire activity–from how they perform in their application to wear patterns and reasons for removal? That’s information that you could act on to boost your bottom line. You know how huge

Detailing truck safety systems that protect drivers

Truck safety systems have advanced quickly to include high-tech solutions like lane-keep assistance, and it can be difficult keeping the available options straight or even understanding that different advanced driver assistance systems from different manufacturers (both OEM and suppliers) will operate differently. That last fact was from Ashley Murickan, product marketing manager with Volvo Trucks

Diesel engine cylinder deactivation deep dive

How much more efficiency can suppliers pull out of new diesel engine development? It turns out a lot. Jacobs Vehicle Systems recently announced validation tests of its cylinder deactivation technology paired with developments from Tula Technology, a California based company that specializes in combustion control and software, that showed marked improvement in NOx reduction and

Diesel engine cylinder deactivation deep dive Jacobs Unscripted
Paperless truck service: The change is worth it

Change is hard. There’s no magic switch, no perfect solution that doesn’t require work and buy-in on your side to improve your fleet options. But if you know the goal you’re working toward, it’s much easier to work through the short-term hardships of change. If your truck service operation isn’t already paperless, the need to

Paperless truck service The change is worth it Vector Unscripted
Working with truck technology providers to build decision-making confidence

The fleet management technology community has evolved to the point where it’s much like working with OEMs and hard-part equipment suppliers. There are specific data applications, custom built, to solve specific problems. Software solutions to help you boost equipment efficiency and productivity. And the biggest similarity to how you have always worked with your equipment

Working with truck technology providers to build decision-making confidence Clear Object
How to spot macro and micro trends in truck data

Acting on data relies on your ability to analyze the data. Sure there are a few pieces of low-hanging data fruit to pluck for early ROI such as managing overall idle time and maximizing the amount of time your trucks run in cruise control. Beyond that, you have to get specific to your operation–parse through

Macro Micro Truck Data Trends Verizon Connect
Medium-duty truck data integration details

Data uses are as varied as truck uses, and as specific. Whereas long-haul operations can focus on time spent in cruise and idle time to provide the short-term data usage ROI when it comes to fuel economy, medium-duty trucks tackling a multitude of vocations a require a more targeted data approach. Recently, Samsara announced an

Medium-duty truck data integration details
Taking advantage of aftermarket solutions amid an uncertain market

New tractor and trailer orders continue to post low numbers as fleets of all kinds deal with the uncertainty of today’s pandemic-impacted market. Just because equipment lifecycles are shifting doesn’t mean that you have to sacrifice equipment efficiency or safety. Aftermarket equipment options offer increased value to your existing equipment. That includes essential equipment components

Taking advantage of aftermarket solutions amid an uncertain market
Truck tire inflation tips and tricks

“An engineer told me something early in my career–the tire isn’t what carries the load, the air is what carries the load,” said Jason Miller, national fleet channel sales manager, Cooper Tire and Rubber Co. Miller is keenly aware that tire inflation isn’t the most exciting topic in the truck tire world, but it’s definitely

Tackling the new demands of on-site vehicle service

Even before COVID-19, performing on-site service was never the same as rolling a truck into a bay. “There are certain things that go into doing a job in a mobile situation that you have to be cognizant of,” said Ed Peterson, chief executive officer of Wrench, a mobile vehicle maintenance and repair solution that brings

Tackling the new demands of on-site service Wrench
Municipal fleet engine issues: from spec’ing to maintenance

Wide ranging applications and duty cycles. Light-, medium- and heavy-duty tasks. Municipal and government fleets face a wide array of equipment management challenges. And that’s on top of the refuse, utility and myriad of other primary challenges that equipment is tackling. Reliability and total cost of ownership is paramount. That starts with making the proper

Municipal fleet engine issues spec'ing maintenance
Remote truck driver training: Focus on what you want to teach

It’s easy to view a new process or technology as an all-or-nothing strategic move, but that’s not how remote driver training, for example, should be considered. “Don’t think of online training as something separate,” said Jane Jazrawy, co-founder and chief executive officer of CarriersEdge. “What you want to do is think of training as training.

Remote truck driver training Focus on what you want to teach