Cojali USA releases new version of Jaltest diagnostics tool
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Cojali USA releases new version of Jaltest diagnostics tool


Managing Editor of Fleet Equipment Magazine

Cojali USA highlights its new vehicle connectivity and diagnostics solution, Jaltest Link V9. This is the newest version of the company’s diagnostic tool, and will be available May 1.

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Information contained within Jaltest includes step-by-step troubleshooting trees, component replacement guides, repair times and troubleshooting by systems.

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Other features of Jaltest include:

  • Impact absorption: The design’s covering cushions small bumps, protects against scratches and enables the seal closure of the device, preventing the inlet of dirt and water (IP40).
  • The weight of the device has been reduced by 76% compared to the last version.
  • The polycarbonate core has high resistance to impacts and high temperatures.
  • Both the USB connectors and the new cables have been designed to guarantee an easy and safe connection, as well as to cushion bumps and prevent the need for repairs.
  • Includes the newest software version, including a new customizable user interface that the company says gives the user everything they need in one display.
  • The device also includes integrated Bluetooth; double RAM memory vs. industry standards; 4 CAN channels; Dual BUS reading capacity; and a larger number of supported communication protocols.

The company is also getting into the remote diagnostics space with Jaltest T-VOD, which includes the following features according to the company:

  • Plug-and-play installation.
  • The ability to control the vehicles measurements in real time, adjust your dashboard to maximize data reading, control your KPIs, reduce downtime, increase your ROI, and launch parked DPF Regenerations remotely as well as DPF Resets.

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