Continental introduces ContiConnect Live, new second-generation tire sensors

Continental introduces ContiConnect Live, new second-generation tire sensors

The cloud-based solution allows for real-time digital tire monitoring to support prompt servicing.

Continental Tires has introduced new ContiConnect Live cloud-based solution to assist fleets in real-time while delivering intelligent digital tire monitoring of all vehicles in the fleet, the company says.

Continental says research provided by the Technology and Maintenance Council S.2 Tire and Wheel Study Group found that properly inflated tires benefit from a 15% longer tread life, 20% longer casing life and 1% increase in fuel efficiency. In fact, properly inflated tires can reduce tire-related costs by $600-800 annually per vehicle, according to the research.

How does ContiConnect Live work?

According to the company’s press release, Continental tire sensors collect data from inside the tires and forwards that data to a telematics unit or Bluetooth dongle and driver app. The data is transmitted to the ContiConnect web portal in real-time. The information can then be viewed on a computer or mobile device. The information can be used for truck and trailer monitoring or stand-alone trailer monitoring. The company notes that any of these solutions coupled with the Continental tire portfolio will enhance the life of the tires and also suits any tire brand.

ContiConnect Live truck and trailer solution

Available in March 2023 for long-haul and regional applications and fleets that do not return to a central location frequently, this solution, according to Continental, provides GPS asset tracking to improve fuel efficiency, extends tire life, reduces labor costs equated with manual tire inspections, detects missing/stolen tires, and reduces tire failure.

As noted by the company, ContiConnect Live will be available in the fall of this year. This battery-powered device allows unhooked trailers to be monitored 24/7 in real-time for up to a month with GPS location, mileage estimation, tire pressure and temperature data. Tire issues can be addressed without waiting for the trailer to return to the depot. Stolen or missing tires can be detected when the sensors are read, and their location determined.

ContiConnect Yard reader

Originally introduced in 2019, the ContiConnect Yard platform collects information through a telematics tracking system to provide the condition of tires on the trucks and trailers to increase uptime and efficiency, Continental noted. Vehicles need to be in the proximity of the yard station reader for approximately two minutes to collect data including tire pressure, tire temperature, and sensor information, and to transmit the data to the loT platform. Any tire issues can be addressed while in the yard. According to Continental, this solution improves safety, performance, reduces tire failures, and can extend the life of the tire by as much as 20%.

Gen II sensors

As noted by the company, the Gen II sensors are mounted to the inner liner of the tire and are brand agnostic. Available from the factory in new tires, the sensor lasts approximately four years to minimize service disruptions. The tire monitoring functionality includes pressure and temperature, mileage estimation, battery estimation, and Bluetooth connectivity.

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