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Continental releases EcoPlus HS3+ long haul steer tire


David Sickels is the Associate Editor of Tire Review and Fleet Equipment magazines. He has a history of working in the media, marketing and automotive industries in both print and online.

Continental has released the Conti EcoPlus HS3+, a steer/all-position tire intended for long haul or line haul applications, where vehicles travel 100,000 miles or more per year primarily on the highway.

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In field tests, it delivers 27% better mileage than its predecessor, the Conti EcoPlus HS3, the company shares.

According to the company, features of the new tire include:

  • Optimized for maximum mileage performance, lowest overall fuel consumption and durability for retreading;
  • Features a cap compound to provide improved cut and tear resistance for increased mileage, balanced with excellent rolling resistance for fuel efficiency;
  • The casing provides excellent heat dispersion for increased retreadability;
  • Features a tread profile that reduces sensitivity to road surface, fleet and vehicle variations;
  • The footprint shape delivers wear improvements for increased removal miles; and
  • A 10% improvement in de-coupler durability.

The Conti 3G casing allows for retreads up to 245 mm in width. Continental says the casing is ideal for multiple retreads in both long haul drive and/or long haul trailer applications.

The Conti EcoPlus HS3+ is SmartWay verified, CARB compliant, and is covered by a seven-year, three-retread warranty. The tire has a 19/32-in. tread depth and is currently available in the following sizes: 11R22.5 Load Range G and H, 295/75R22.5 Load Range G and H, 11R24.5 Load Range H, and 285/75R24.5 Load Range H. The new tire can also be spec’ed with pre-equipped TPMS sensors.



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