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Continental details new intelligent truck tire offering


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Conti HSR 3, Continental’s newest steer tire, is a regional steer tire delivering excellent mileage with scrub resistance. It will replace the HSR2 in regional steer usage, delivering higher mileage than the predecessor. The Conti HSR 3 is built on the Conti 3G casing for improved durability and retreadability, essential elements for delivering the lowest overall driving cost to regional fleets, according to the tire manufacturer.

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The key differentiator between the HSR2 predecessor and the new Conti HSR 3 is the enhanced belt package of the new product. With significant engineering improvements, it withstands highly concentrated pressure and increases penetration resistance. Built for increased stiffness, it reduces heat build-up for improved wear and longer mileage. This also extends the casing life for enhanced retreadability, Continental reported.

The Conti HSR 3 is undergoing field testing, including a refrigerated food service fleet in Pennsylvania whose vehicles travel roughly 600 miles per day, stopping at multiple store locations. High scrub resistance and highway mileage were of utmost importance to this fleet, leading them to test the new product. While the test is still ongoing, results are positive. Competitor products were expected to deliver 160,000-180,000 miles, according to the fleet. The Conti HSR 3 is currently projected to deliver more than 220,000 miles under the same conditions.

In addition to the new Conti HSR 3, Continental offers a full portfolio of intelligent-capable steer tires, customized to the needs of fleets in different applications.

Conti EcoPlus HS3 is Continental’s most fuel-efficient steer tire, delivering maximum fuel economy and on-road mileage for long haul applications, the tire manufacturer said. It took first place in fuel efficiency tests conducted by the PIT Group of FPInnovations as part of their annual Energotest campaign, whose results were released in January.


Conti HSL 3 is Continental’s steer tire for long haul and super-regional applications. It took first place in the regional fuel efficiency tests from PIT Group.

Conti HSC 3, a heavy truck, steer/all-position, construction tire, was launched in October 2019. As an on/off-road tire, its performance is focused on durability, with excellent on-road mileage.

The Conti HSC 3 delivers significant benefits over its predecessor, HSC1, including an estimated 11% mileage improvement. Built on Continental’s 3G casing for reduced heat build-up and improved retreadability, the tire also features a wider tread platform to increase mileage. The off-road belt package delivers improved penetration resistance. New cap/base tread compounds deliver a 100% improvement in cuts to the belt during cut-and-chip testing, as well as reducing heat build-up.

As an intelligent tire, the Conti HSC 3 is ready for Continental’s digital tire monitoring solutions to identify punctures and creeping air loss, helping avoid breakdowns in a time-critical industry.

The entire Generation 3 construction tire line – Conti HSC 3 steer, Conti HDC 3 drive, and Conti HAC 3 all-position – as well as the Conti Coach HA3 motor coach tire, are manufactured exclusively as intelligent tires with embedded TPMS sensors, due to the inherent benefits of tire monitoring in their respective industries. All other Continental tires can be specified as intelligent tires on customer request.


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