Cortec releases EcoLine Biobased Rubber Revitalizer

Cortec releases EcoLine Biobased Rubber Revitalizer


Cortec has released EcoLine Biobased Rubber Revitalizer, a soy-based product designed for cleaning and protecting genuine and synthetic rubber against the damaging effects of drying and sun damage. It is formulated with renewable material and contains 68% USDA certified biobased content. It is also a qualified product under the mandatory federal purchasing initiative of the USDA BioPreferred Program.

As rubber ages and is exposed to sun, it begins to crack and dry out. This deteriorates rubber vehicle components such as tires, CV boots, and rubber vehicle tracks so that they need to be replaced sooner. Office equipment also has problems as rubber rollers in printers and scanners dry out, causing paper jams. According to Coretc, applying EcoLine Biobased Rubber Revitalizer allows you to clean and protect rubber, prolong rubber lifetime and recondition rubber and renew surface texture.

According to Cortec, this product can be used for applications including:

  • Protecting rubber hoses, tires, and weather stripping on new heavy equipment being preserved by military personnel;
  • Cleaning and protecting ram body top seals and packers being laid up on an offshore platform;
  • Quickly eliminating paper jam issues caused by rubber rollers in an office scanner.

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