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Council confers first certified VMRS Specialist credentials


ATA’s Technology & Maintenance Council (TMC) is proud to announce its first group of Certified VMRS Specialists. These individuals have demonstrated their knowledge in the use of the Vehicle Maintenance Reporting Standards (VMRS). VMRS is the industry standard coding convention for tracking equipment and maintenance information.

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The following is the first group of Certified VMRS Specialists (as of Feb 11, 2014):

  • Will South, South Consulting
  • Kurt Freitag, Aurora Parts & Accessories
  • Mike Murthough, PartsRiver
  • Jarit Cornelius, Sharp Transport
  • Ashley Lugenbeal, Weirs Fleet Partners
  • Rocky Carroll, FleetNet America
  • Daryle Shuford, FleetNet America

The Certified VMRS Specialist Program provides current VMRS users a means of demonstrating their expertise and proficiency. It also encourages others to increase their knowledge and use of VMRS.

The program highlights the importance of VMRS to employers and encourages employees to continue their VMRS education. Certified VMRS Specialists may display their certification and continue the proud tradition of implementing VMRS.

VMRS has been an important tool for successful fleet operation for more than 40 years and now users can receive acknowledgment of their expertise. The Certified VMRS Specialist Program highlights VMRS to employers and encourages employees to continue their VMRS education. It also broadens the scope and importance of VMRS to the maintenance community.

The certification testing process consists of 15 multiple choice and one essay question pertaining to the use and implementation of VMRS. The questions assess an applicant’s knowledge of the VMRS coding structure and guidelines. The certification is valid for two years; applicants must retest to keep their status valid.


The certification testing costs $100 for ATA/TMC members; $125 for non-members. In cases of a failing grade, one free retest is administered. An applicant must obtain a passing grade of 80% to qualify for certification status. If an applicant fails both tests, all subsequent testing will be administered at full price.

To register for testing, click here.

There is no time limit on taking the test; the renewal period starts on the initial date of purchase.



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