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cummins l9 and b6.7


Cummins unveils 2017 lineup of midrange engines


Cummins Inc. introduced the 2017 B6.7 and L9 engines at the NTEA Work Truck Show. The B6.7 offers a 200 to 325 HP and 520 to 750 lb.-ft. ratings range. New for 2017 is an increase in fuel economy for the entire range of B6.7 ratings. Optimized for stop-and-go duty cycles, the B6.7 efficiency ratings—200 HP to 260 HP—offer an increase in fuel-economy of up to 7% over the current product.

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The B6.7 (pictured above left) performance ratings—280 HP to 325 HP—offer up to a 5% increase over the current product. Cummins explained that further fuel-economy improvements can be realized with innovations like the Stop-Start system, now capable on the 2017 B6.7. This technology allows the engine to operate only when necessary, saving fuel while creating a quieter ride for the driver.

The L9 (pictured above right) offers ratings from 260 to 380 HP and 720 to 1250 lb.-ft. New for 2017 is a 350 HP, 1150 lb.-ft. rating that maintains more power and torque across a wider rpm range.

“Medium-duty truck customers have made Cummins their engine manufacturer of choice due to the unparalleled uptime they have experienced with our B and L Series engines. This is the legacy that Cummins has created over nearly a century of engine innovation and more than 30 years of B Series and L Series availability,” said Brett Merritt, Cummins’ executive director of on-highway business. “And that’s why Cummins is redefining classics by introducing the newest-generation B and L Series engines—the B6.7 and L9.”



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