Cummins shows off X15N natural gas, X10 diesel engines

Cummins shows off X15N natural gas, X10 diesel engines

Plus some powertrain components make their debut in Cummins red.

Cummins Inc. showcased the next generation of its integrated powertrain and digital connectivity at the 2023 TMC Annual Meeting. This marks the first time that fleet professionals from across North America have seen a fully-integrated Cummins powertrain: engine, transmission, axles and fuel delivery system to exhaust aftertreatment.

Cummins X15N natural gas engine

Coming to market in 2024, the X15N natural gas engine delivers diesel-like ratings as well as durability and reliability to allow fleets to significantly reduce their carbon footprint without sacrificing capability, the OEM noted. The engine’s exhaust flows through a passive and maintenance-free three-way catalyst from Cummins Emission Solutions for optimal simplicity. Natural gas fuel storage is represented by a full-scale display model of a Cummins Clean Fuel Technologies back-of-cab 175-diesel-gallon equivalent system.


The Alpha level pre-production X15N engine straight from the factory line in Jamestown, N.Y. was shown integrated with the Eaton-Cummins Endurant HD N 12-speed automated transmission optimized for natural gas engine performance, enabling digital driver features fleets are used to with the X15-Endurant powertrains. The Endurant has a lube change interval of 750,000 miles as well as remote diagnostic capabilities.


Power is then transferred to the Cummins-Meritor 14X HE tandem drive axles complete with a propriety lube management system (MLMS) for up to a 1.8% efficiency gain over axles not equipped with the lube management system, Cummins stated. The axles also feature high-efficiency spiral bevel gearing and laser welded ring gear and case to prevent oil churning and add even greater efficiency and durability. Steering for this powertrain is delivered by the Cummins-Meritor MFS+ steer axle equipped with disc brakes and 55-degree wheel-cut turning capability.

Cummins X10 engine

The next engine in the fuel-agnostic series, the X10, will launch in North America in 2026. This engine, named as part of the X engine family, is positioned to replace both the L9 and the X12 with the versatility to serve both medium and heavy-duty applications. It will be compliant with U.S. EPA’s 2027 regulations a full year early. The diesel version will be first available, with other versions for gaseous fuels introduced later. This 10-liter displacement product slots into Cummins’ product portfolio complemented by the B6.7 and X15 and will serve vocational, transit, pickup and delivery and regional haul customers.

Cummins X10 engine

Cummins’ commitment to internal combustion engine innovation is complemented by its commitment to offering digital products and services that enhance the entire life of every Cummins engine. This includes connecting real-time data from vehicles on the road to maintenance and service operations, giving customers an unparalleled ability to look ahead, streamline operations and minimize downtime.

These new digital capabilities include Predictive Service Insights, which alert fleets and service locations when specific components might fail–providing a service recommendation and allowing them to plan a replacement before an actual failure occurs, avoiding unplanned and costly downtime.

Predictive Service Insights are powered by asset-level data directly from the engine and are now available on select 2017 and newer X15 engines, with more engines and predictive features to be added over time. Predictive Service Insights and other new digital features are included with Cummins engines and require no additional integrations or add-ons.

For trucks not equipped with a connectivity device, the same real-time service can be enabled and powered by Acumen, Cummins’ first-fit smart computing device that offers multiple installation and connectivity options.
Cummins is also constantly updating and enhancing its service tools, including the Guidanz web and mobile apps, which now offer Fast Track Repair to ensure that repair locations know what is heading to the shop, so technicians and parts are ready, and diagnostics steps are accelerated to get trucks back on the road as quickly as possible.

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