Cummins promises productivity, fuel efficiency from X12

Cummins promises productivity, fuel efficiency from X12

Cummins X12 Engine

Cummins Inc. recently announced that its new X12 engine will be released in 2018. Steve Reedy, the Cummins X12 program leader, took the time to talk about the engine and outline its features and benefits.

Taking off weight

While reduction for improved fuel economy is great, it is only important if the engine can also get the job done efficiently, day-in and day-out, Reedy says.

What you notice when you first look at the Cummins X12 engine is its compact size. At 2,050 lbs., the Cummins X12 is especially designed for weight-sensitive applications: It is up to 600 lbs. lighter than 13 liter engines and 150 lbs. lighter than the lightest 11 liter engine in its class. To give you an idea, for those familiar with the Cummins ISM11, this is about the same weight as a pre-EGR ISM11.

“We achieved this without compromising strength,” Reedy says. The engine block features a sculpted design, maintaining weight only where needed, such as material on the ribbing to carry load from the head bolts down to the mains. The new design also includes hollowed out fan brackets and engine mounts.

“The features are a result of analysis-led design, where we took a look at our worst-case loading conditions, using technology that we have today, to take the weight out without compromising strength,” Reedy says. “There are many features that contribute to this, such as the integrated lube pump that’s concentric to the crankshaft, and the integrated priming pump built in the ECM bracket. The new engine has a modular cooling system that houses the water pump and the lube cooling system. In addition, there is a lightweight aluminum flywheel housing in the back that also incorporates the gear housing.”

Cummins has eliminated leak path and flexing in the components as it worked to simplify the design. This engine has ratings from 350 HP up to 500 HP, which is notable given its lighter-weight design to optimize its power-to-weight ratio.

The X12 engine is also paired with the single module aftertreatment system—the same one the X15 efficiency series uses.

The specs

  • 350 HP to 500 HP and 1,700 lb./ft. of torque;
  • Low-friction design for higher MPG;
  • Maintenance intervals that rival the X15 with longer oil drains and DPF maintenance beyond the first owner;
  • Compatible with a broad choice of transmissions: fully automatic, AMT and manual.

Cummins stated that it is field-testing this engine across North America with its customers in a wide range of vehicles and job types. It will be available for heavy-duty trucks in 2018.

Cummins also teased its next heavy-duty 15-liter engine, which is slated for release in 2022.

Within the engine market overall, Cummins reported that it currently makes up 33% of the heavy-duty truck engine market and nearly 80% of the medium-duty market. In 2017, Cummins will produce 1.3 million engines with 15 million engines in the field.

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