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Don’t miss what FE has planned for 2021

Managing Editor of Fleet Equipment Magazine


So, I think it’s safe to assume that we’re all extremely glad to turn the page on 2020, right? Though a resilient trucking industry managed to power through, this was not a fun year for anybody. Being able to put this year in the rearview mirror and put our hopes in 2021, which brings with it, among other promising prospects, the rollout of a COVID-19 vaccine, will be a very welcome thing.

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We here at Fleet Equipment are excited about what’s in store for 2021 as well—and we don’t want you, loyal reader, to miss out on any of it. And unless you’re regularly refreshing our homepage or are subscribed to our newsletters, you might be.

Here’s are just some of our planned projects for the next year:

  • Every week: Unscripted Video – No script, no plan—just a weekly conversation between FE’s Jason Morgan and one of the big names of the industry, on any of a wide variety of trucking topics. Take a look at a few videos here.
  • Every week: On the Road Video – You never know what pop culture reference FE’s David Sickels will manage to tie in with useful tips about running your fleet. Check out the On the Road archive here.
  • Every week: Fleet Future podcast – Hosted by yours truly (FE managing editor Alex Crissey), each month of the Fleet Future podcast has a topical theme as voices from throughout the industry visit to do a deep dive into some of the biggest topics, which lately have included electrification, engines and regional-haul fleets. You can find episodes here.
  • Every week: Data Center Videos – Coming soon, also from Editor Jason Morgan, a new video series that will focus on all things telematics and technology.

And that’s not even getting into all of the great written content, from news to in-depth features, we’ll have next year. So don’t miss out: Hit up, and make sure you’re in the know.



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