Dossier, Zonar announce integration partnership

Dossier, Zonar announce integration partnership

Dossier Systems and Zonar Systems announced the integration of Dossier maintenance management software with Zonar’s Electronic Vehicle Inspection Report (EVIR) system and telematics data. The integration will provide bi-directional information transfer and seamless workflows, eliminating paper forms and associated errors and delays, the companies said.

The EVIR integration truly leverages the strengths of both products, Zonar said. Users perform their inspections using Zonar’s elegant electronic inspection system. If an inspection reveals a defect, that defect will automatically create work pending items in Dossier. Once resolved or disposition, Dossier will automatically communicate the relevant information back to Zonar to close the loop. The Zonar defect ID is visible in Dossier, and the Dossier Repair Order ID and mechanic are sent to Zonar. In short, the companies said, “all relevant information is available in each system to improve performance and verify compliance.”

“The functionality is both fantastic and intuitive in this integration,” said Bob Hausler, Dossier Systems vice president of marketing and technology. “I am really proud of how seamlessly this works; in both Dossier and Zonar, users interact with their respective environments using the same steps and workflows as without the integration. That means you can really hit the ground running, without the need for a lot of special training or changes to workflows. It just works, and it cuts out manual process steps with associated opportunities for error between operations/dispatch and maintenance.”

The telematics integration can be used independently or with the EVIR integration and can deliver meter readings and diagnostic trouble code information directly to Dossier, the partners said. Both of these are “critical to maintenance,” the companies said; the meters drive preventive maintenance scheduling, and DTC data will auto-create a work pending item. Both the EVIR and telematics integrations are available as options in the newly released Dossier version 6.4.

“I am extremely pleased that we are delivering an integrated solution with Zonar Systems,” said Jack Boetefuer, chief executive officer of Dossier Systems. “We have been working toward this goal for some time, and it is great to see it come to fruition. This integration offers a lot of value for our growing base of mutual customers. We are also extremely happy to be paired with the great team at Zonar as our long-term marketing partners.”

“I’m thrilled about this partnership with Dossier Systems. The big winner here is the customer,” Brett Brinton, president and chief executive officer, Zonar Systems, said. “The advantages of automated meter readings, reduced data latency, and increased accuracy are just a few of the many areas that will benefit our common customers. Zonar is honored to be joining with an established industry leader like Dossier Systems.”

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