It's easy to blame the DPF, but what's causing the aftertreatment problem?
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It’s easy to blame the DPF, but what’s causing the aftertreatment problem?

Jason Morgan is the content director of Fleet Equipment.


The diesel particulate filter is the whipping boy of the heavy-duty truck aftertreatment system. It can be costly to replace as obvious culprit of fault codes … or maybe a little too obvious. The component can shoulder a lot of the aftertreatment service the blame, but did it really cause it? After all, it’s the last line of aftertreatment emissions defense. It’s there to capture the particles that weren’t burned up in the engine. So if you have particles clogging the DPF, causing fault codes and engine derate situations, you can replace the DPF all you want, but you won’t fix the problem.

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So when you have an aftertreatment service issue, what do you do?

That was one of the topics of conversation when I connected with Leonard Oshman, director of business development, AP Emissions, which fields the Durafit DPF brand. We took to the stage at the Hino Trucks National Parts Conference to talk all things aftertreatment and DPF.

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This is the second conversation I’ve highlighted from my time hosting podcasts with Hino. Here’s the first if you missed it:

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