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DPL Telematics launches portable battery-powered tracking system


DPL Telematics released the MultiTrack system, a solution for wireless monitoring and remote tracking of any powered or unpowered asset to improve logistics, manage inventory and curb theft. The portable GPS unit requires no external wiring or antenna and may be hidden on any asset, installing in seconds.

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The MultiTrack allows managers to remotely monitor any asset accurately from an Internet-based software package or mobile app. According to DPL Telematics, the unit features:

  • No external wiring or antenna. Quick, unwired attachment to any asset in a true “slap-and-track” type installation;
  • Internal battery powered. Up to 16 weeks of internal battery life between charges and completely recharges in three hours via wall plug;
  • Little to no sky view required. May be hidden inside or under certain assets;
  • Rugged, SAE J1455 compliant waterproof design. For deployment in harsh environments;
  • Compact and complete portability. May be rotated between company assets easily.

As a locator, the MultiTrack notifies whenever the host asset begins moving as well as on demand, and alerts during customer defined curfews whenever there is unauthorized activity.

For a semi-permanent trailer tracking installation, an optional wiring harness may be used to extend the battery life. As a trailer tracking solution, the system is wired to the tail light circuitry to automatically charge whenever the trailer is hitched. When disconnected from power, the unit uses its internal battery to communicate location, speed, travel time, route, unauthorized movement and tow alerts. The resulting combination powers intelligent, real-time fleet management decisions for superior dispatching with improved pickup and delivery logistics, while decreasing trailer theft and misuse.


“MultiTrack revolutionizes GPS tracking as it exists today, allowing anybody to easily track any asset, regardless of its power source. Since it is a true portable product, the unit may be moved between assets quickly and without any wiring,” said Tony Nicoletti, director of strategy and business development at DPL Telematics. “MultiTrack’s minimal install time now puts accurate location data within reach of those managers seeking to decrease their loss exposure, better manage asset inventories and improve logistics.”

“The market has been seeking an affordable, quick installing tracking solution for smaller and ancillary assets such as light plants, message boards, trailers, as well as older and smaller equipment that cannot accommodate an advanced telematics solution.” added Nicoletti. “With MultiTrack’s portability, a customer may easily transfer units within their fleet as needed rather than permanently mounting a dedicated system on every asset.”



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