Driver training telematics use case with Ford Telematics

Driver training telematics use case with Ford Telematics

Finally! The data tables have turned! Instead of being behind the keyboard pounding away at why fleet managers need to use data, Ford put me behind the wheel of a 2020 Ford Transit and tracked my every movement with Ford Telematics. In this episode of Unscripted, I’m in the driver hot seat as Travis Hunt, business development manager at Ford Commercial Solutions, walks me through the Transit metrics, details my driving behavior and ribs me for my arrival time at the office.

For what it’s worth, seeing your own data is far different when you’re in the driver’s seat. It definitely gave me an appreciation for the baseline level of anxiety and defensiveness a driver could feel when talking with a supervisor (even when I was talking with someone as easy-going as Travis). Watch the video above for our conversation, a look at what Ford Telematics is tracking with its on-board hardware, and how nervous I get get when I’m given a taste of my own data medicine.

Test drive

Just as fun as watching me sweat is our test drive video where we detail the Ford Transit 2020 offerings and put its driver-assistance technology to the test.

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