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Top Drum Maintenance Tips Meritor


Top drum brake inspection recommendations


Safety is paramount, and for brakes it all starts and stops with inspections. The brake experts at Meritor suggest the following top inspection recommendations for drum brake inspections:
First, set up the tractor and trailer as follows:
1. Chock the wheels;
2. Charge reservoir to 90 to 100 PSI then turn off the engine; and;
3. Enlist help or use a tool to apply and maintain the brake pedal;

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Then, be sure to check the following bullet points:

  • Check linings contact drums;
  • Check chamber stroke according to CVSA limits;
  • Check chambers for audible leaks or damage;
  • Check all parts are present; springs, rollers, cams, slack adjusters, clevises, clevis pins, air chambers, linings, shoes, spiders and brackets;
  • Check air hoses are present and secure and NO cracks, leaks or swelling;
  • Check linings for cracks wider than 1/16th in. or longer than 1-1/2 in.;
  • Check linings for missing material that exposes a rivet; and
  • Check linings for contaminants such as oil and grease.



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