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East Manufacturing introduces new Lightweight Tipper Trailer



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East Manufacturing has introduced its new Lightweight Tipper Trailer, which the company says is designed to maximize payload and still provide the strength to handle the stresses of hauling refuse in harsh conditions. East has reengineered the Tipper trailer to increase payload by removing 1,200 lbs. of excess weight in the fifth wheel plate area, from the suspension sub frame and from the sides of the trailer body. In addition, East substituted an aluminum bumper assembly for its steel assembly.

The new Lightweight Tipper Trailer still maintains its double-wall construction on its aerodynamic East Genesis smooth-sided design with the advanced system of floor-to-wall attachment, the company says. The Genesis aerodynamic design has a 2-in. thick, double-wall extruded aluminum panels, which the company says provide eight times more wall support than external posts positioned every 25 in. The double-wall panels are robotically welded vertically inside and out for strength. The design resists bowing, reduces corrosion from road salt, decreases maintenance and repair costs and protects the outer walls from dents to improve resale value.


The trailer’s advanced wall-to-floor construction secures the critical point for trailer strength: the welded union of cross members, floor plates and sidewalls. Cross members and floor plates interlock into the bottom rub rail, forming a pocket to accept the sidewall panels.

Additional features highlighted by the company include:

  • Landing gear that features extra-wide wing brackets, reversed-mount legs and diagonal support braces with C-channel cross members to withstand frequent shocks.
  • Side-swing, over slung, center-split, airflow and leak-resistant tailgate options.
  • Plug-together wire harness eliminates all junction boxes and includes 10-year warranty.
  • Stainless steel banded fifth-wheel assembly, designed for maximum load-bearing strength.
  • Standard East “Elite” wheel-end parts with a warranty for 5 years or 350,000 miles.



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