ECIA GIPC publishes China Tariff avoidance, recovery document

ECIA GIPC publishes China Tariff avoidance, recovery document

The ECIA’s Global Industry Practices Committee (GIPC) has published a document to update members on best practices as companies in the electronic components industry respond to the shifting political landscape regarding China tariffs. The China Tariff Avoidance and Recovery Process Update document offers an outline of what the GIPC recommends to members about current practices in this arena. The document explains several pathways for tariff avoidance and recovery, with specific suggestions for how to evaluate this complex issue. The intent is to enable companies to compare their own current processes with identified best practices and make adjustments as required.

“Four years ago, this Committee collected input from ECIA component manufacturer and distributor members with the goal of identifying and sharing the most efficient processes for Tariff Avoidance and Recovery based on the previous administration’s tariff policies,” Don Elario, vice president of industry practices, ECIA, said. “With the Biden administration currently reviewing the tariffs, we revisited that document and updated it with best practices learned over the last four years.”

The updated China Tariff Avoidance and Recovery Process document is only available to ECIA members and can be found in our list of China Tariff Resources; members must log in to access the document.

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