Get answers to electric truck questions in an electric truck

Get answers to electric truck questions in an electric truck

If you want answers to today’s biggest electric truck questions, the best way to do it is to put someone in a situation where they have to answer. That’s why I cornered Andy Brown, product marketing manager, electrification, Volvo Trucks North America, with a surprise interview on our AMPED EV Podcast. Andy was sitting shotgun during my test drive of the Volvo VNR Electric during the OEM’s Electromobility Summit held last month and faced a double-barreled editorial barrage of questions as David Sickels, co-host and editor of The Buzz, joined us remotely from the studio.

From range anxiety and electric truck equipment options to operational differences and applications, we cover the electric truck gamut. For all of that and the answer to the biggest question: “Do I have the nerve not to touch the service brake when using regenerative braking?” watch the video above.

Even more electric truck questions, answered

The Volvo Trucks Electromobility Summit was a treasure trove of the latest commercial EV advice–from how you purchase an electric truck to overcoming the latest charging infrastructure complications. Check it out:

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