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Eroad introduces Clarity Solo Dashcam


Managing Editor of Fleet Equipment Magazine

ERoad has introduced of the Clarity Solo Dashcam, a dual-facing camera that delivers HD footage that enables fleet owners to see what their drivers see with every safety event. The company says that this is especially important as lawsuits against trucking companies are increasing in frequency and greater sums are being awarded in lawsuit verdicts. 

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ERoad says Clarity Solo makes it easier for carriers to configure and implement video telematics into more asset and fleet types—ranging from national and regional mixed fleets to local short haul heavy and light commercial vehicle (LCV) fleets, like construction, waste management and distribution vehicles. 

Another new feature is the ERoad fleet management cloud portal, which now enables video search based on vehicle location in addition to time of day, which the company says is a more effective way to find the right video evidence to protect and exonerate drivers.

“Today, driver exoneration by video is an absolute imperative for fleet operators to protect their drivers and their businesses,” said Jim Angel, vice president of video telematics at ERoad. “This is especially true for heavy short-haul fleets such as waste and construction trucks or light commercial delivery vehicles that are navigating challenging environments, like busy and construction-ridden city streets and residential neighborhoods. Just think about the exponentially growing number of delivery trucks you see on your streets every single day.”



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