The (ever-evolving) list of battery commercial EV charging station OEMs (Updated!)

The (ever-evolving) list of battery commercial EV charging station OEMs (Updated!)

EV charging stations are a huge business. Some reports expect the market will be worth as much as $103.6 billion by 2028. That means there are dozens of options when it comes to finding a partner to help develop a charging station infrastructure for your fleet. Below, we’ve rounded up as many OEMs that we could find that specialize in charging battery electric trucks.

Editor’s Note: While we like to believe everything we publish is perfect and must never again be touched, the truth is that in this case, this article is a living guide of charging station OEMs and this story will be updated regularly as we come to discover new players in this space.

Updated 7/29/21 (New entries added at the end of the original story)

ABB – ABB deploys EV charging equipment, including DC fast chargers ranging from 20 to 600kW. ABB operates in 100 countries and is based out of Switzerland. (

Atom Power – Atom Power produces a suite of smart electrical products that includes a digital circuit breaker, a customizable distribution panel and software that allows for control and customization of electrical infrastructure for commercial and industrial EV applications. With components from Atom Power’s solid-state circuit breaker, the company’s fleet solution features chargers that hang from overhead. (

BTCPower – BTCPower designs, manufactures, installs and services its own array of Level 2 AC (30A, 40A and 70A) charging stations, Level 3 DC fast chargers (50kW100kW) and high-power charging systems (100kW-350kW) suitable for charging light-duty electric vehicles, fleet EVs, delivery service EVs and heavy-duty EVs. BTCPower is a U.S.-based corporation with global headquarters in Santa Ana, Calif. (

ChargePoint – ChargePoint provides fleet managers with a modular hardware solution that addresses the needs of growing EV fleets, the company says, while its cloud-based software helps to optimize fueling without the need for costly electrical upgrades. (

Detroit eFill – Announced in May, the Detroit team is producing Detroit eFill chargers, a full line of commercial vehicle charging stations designed to be integrated with the Detroit ePowertrain found in Freightliner eCascadia and eM2 trucks. Detroit’s chargers can also charge a range of other OEMs’ electric commercial vehicles. Detroit eFill stations were developed in partnership with Power Electronics. All Detroit eFill chargers available at launch are DC fast chargers carrying the CCS-1 standard, and are available with power ratings from 30kW to as much as 400kW. (

Efacec – Efacec Electric Mobility is a company within Efacec Power Solutions, and it says its mission is to develop safe and clean energy solutions for the electric mobility market. Its HV175 is a high power charging solution, able to supply up to 920V and 350A by connecting two HV175 units to a user interface unit with adequate cable and connector. Connecting more HV175 units to a mechanical connection allows higher currents as can be used by some heavy vehicles. (

Electrify America – Electrify America stations have Combined Charging System chargers with varying speeds, ranging from 50-350kW, and today focuses mainly on light-duty vehicles. However, in the next 10 years, Electrify America says it plans to invest $2 billion in zero-emission vehicle infrastructure, access and education programs in the U.S. Part of the company’s planned investments from Jan. 2022 through July 2024 includes new metro charging investments in the communities of Bakersfield, Oxnard-Thousand Oaks-Ventura, Santa Maria-Santa Barbara, Stockton and Visalia; $6 to $10 million of investment in transit, medium- and heavy-duty fleet charging; and a $25 million investment in freight and transit vehicle charging infrastructure in the new “Green City” communities of Long Beach and Wilmington. (

EV Connect – EV Connect provides a cloud-based software platform for managing networks of EV charging stations, their interaction with site hosts and utilities, and the improvement of the driver experience. EV Connect says its certification program for electric vehicle charging station manufacturers provides an open standards-based management platform for fleet customers. The company says its management platform enables light-, medium- and heavy-duty fleet customers to migrate their fleets to electric vehicles over time while managing electricity costs and realizing operating efficiencies. (

EVBox – EVBox is a manufacturer of electric vehicle charging stations and charging management software, with over 75,000 charging points across more than 55 countries worldwide. (

EvGateway – EvGateway is an electric vehicle supply equipment solutions (ESVE) provider that partners with EV charger manufacturers and installers to provide solutions for clients of all industries and sizes, the company says. The EvGateway network is a proprietary EVSE management software developed to aid customers of different industries and sizes. (

EVoCharge – EVoCharge is a brand of Phillips & Temro Industries. EVoCharge is a supplier of electric vehicle supply equipment and Evoreel cable management products and solutions. EVoCharge’s product line includes the Evocharge iEVSE and Evocharge iEVSE Plus EV Charging Stations. The company says the Evoreel solution supports overhead mounting of the vehicle charge cable and connector, an approach made with fleet applications in mind. (

EVgo – EVgo says it is America’s largest public EV fast charging network, and it is available to bus and truck fleets. The company has more than 1,200 DC fast chargers and 1,000 Level 2 chargers in 34 U.S. states. EVgo offers turnkey customizable charging solutions including hardware and software solutions as well as Charging as a Service (CHaaS). (

Greenlots – Greenlots, a wholly-owned subsidiary of Shell New Energies, offers software and services that equip drivers, site hosts and network operators to efficiently deploy, manage and leverage EV charging infrastructure at scale, including network management software, integrated charging optimization, grid balancing services and a mobile app. Committed to advancing the promise of electrified transportation, The company is headquartered in Los Angeles. (

Heliox – Heliox says it designs, builds, installs, maintains and monitors smart energy management solutions, tailor-made for all vehicle types, including buses and heavy-duty trucks. With its charging solutions, the company serves fleet owners, manufacturers, businesses and cities & municipalities. (

Kitu Systems – San Diego-based Kitu Systems offers EV charging solutions for light-, medium- and heavy-duty vehicles with options like access control, payment systems, load management, integration with renewables, vehicle-to-grid capabilities and Low Carbon Fuel Standard credit management. (

Liberty Plugins – California-based Liberty Plugins develops, deploys and manages charging systems for workplaces, multi-family structures and electric delivery vans and school buses. The company’s Hydra-RX model controller controls high current AC chargers that produce short charging times, the company says, in an effort to allow fleets and schools to convert more quickly to electric zero-emissions vehicles. (

Nuvve – Nuvve Corp. is a San Diego-based green energy technology company whose mission is to lower the cost of electric vehicle ownership while supporting the integration of renewable energy sources, including solar and wind. Its proprietary vehicle-to-grid (V2G) technology – Nuvve’s Grid Integrated Vehicle (GIVe) platform –is a bi-directional charging solution, meaning vehicles can discharge power from their battery packs back to the grid. Nuvve has been responsible for V2G projects on five continents. (

OpConnect – OpConnect, headquartered in the U.S., provides a range of turnkey EV charging solutions, plus a cloud-based software platform that performs access control and data collection for the chargers with an integrated maintenance ticketing system. The company’s fleet charging solutions include Level 2 charging solutions available from 40-100 amps, including a three-phase 100 amp connector. DC fast charging solutions are also available up to 150kW output, upgradable to 350kW. (

PositivEnergy – PositivEnergy is a Florida-based renewable energy solutions company that architects commercial energy storage and EV infrastructure solutions. The company recently partnered with Battle Motors to install charging stations at municipal accounts across North America. The charging stations will provide vehicle-to-grid (V2G), sequential capable power supplies and dispensers for the battery technology in Battle Motors vehicles. (

Power Electronics – Power Electronics is a supplier of technology with a range that includes solar inverters, electronic starters, variable-speed drives and converters designed for the grid connection of battery-based energy storage systems, as well as charging-infrastructure products for all manner of electric vehicles. The company’s NBi Station is a charging solution for fleets of high-usage electric vehicles, including heavy goods vehicles. Compatible with both current and future electric cars, trucks and buses, it offers a wide range of voltage and power options. (

SemaConnect – SemaConnect is a North American provider of smart, networked EV charging solutions. The company’s cloud-based network management platform gives the site host control to set pricing and to monitor their station’s usage and performance in real time. (

Siemens – Siemens’s global headquarters and the majority of its manufacturing is based in the U.S. The company says it can provide chargers as well as all of the electrical equipment and software required for any size EV. Fluence Energy, LLC, which recently equipped Penske with its EV charging station in Ontario, Calif., is a Siemens company. (

Tesla – While Tesla currently focuses mainly on charging light-duty vehicles with its Supercharger network, the company has also revealed a plan to deploy “Megachargers,” a more powerful version of the Supercharger, to be used with the Tesla Semi that was teased in 2017. The first of these is allegedly going to be installed at a Frito-Lay delivery center in Modesto, Calif., later in 2021. (

Tritium – Tritium is a technology company that designs and manufactures DC charging equipment for EVs. With offices in Torrance, Calif., as well as Australia and The Netherlands, Tritium says it has more than 3,000 installations of DC fast chargers (DCFC) and high-power chargers (HPC) in over 30 countries, including across the U.S. The company says its Veefil-RT 50kW DCFC has the world’s smallest footprint and has been installed for private and public networks across the globe. Products support light- to heavy-duty fleets, bus fleets and depots, retail, forecourts and utility-backed projects. (

US LED – What started as a LED lighting provider in 2001 has since evolved into a nationwide provider of electric vehicle charging solutions. The company offers a range of EV charging stations, including DC fast chargers (up to 120kW). Its TurboEVC Series EV Charger is a Level 2 electric charging station that is that is compatible with existing EVs on the market and sports the Standard SAE J1772 plug that is compatible with most all-electric and hybrid electric vehicles. The TurboEVC Ultra-Fast DC EV Charger is the company’s latest offering, providing Level 3 charging for cars, buses and trucks. It offers standard CCS1 and CHAdeMO connectors that are compatible with most electric vehicles, the company noted on its website. (

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