Understanding EV operational differences in the Volvo VNR Electric

Understanding EV operational differences and a ride in the Volvo VNR Electric

Certainly there are differences when you get behind the wheel of an electric truck for the first time compared to a diesel unit. But something interesting happens when you get behind the wheels of multiple electric trucks–you start to notice the operational differences.

How does the regen braking feel? How about the acceleration? Even questions like: How do I know it’s on?

Truck OEMs handle all of these questions a little differently. Sure, you still feel the instant torque of the electric powertrains; you still feel the braking power of the regen system, but there are subtle nuances. Now that more manufacturers are coming to market with electric trucks, and electric trucks are leaping into their second generation, it was a good time to catch up with Volvo Trucks North America to take a ride in the VNR Electric and talk about the improvements the next gen offer.

Watch the video above for a VNR Electric ride along with Ashley Murickan, product marketing manager, Volvo Trucks North America, and then The Buzz Editor David Sickels and I dive into the evolution of the commercial EV market.

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