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EV suitability assessment shows fleet electrification drives cost, CO2 savings


David Sickels is the Senior Editor of Fleet Equipment. He has a history of working in the media, marketing and automotive industries in both print and online.

Geotab and Enterprise Fleet Management have announced results from one of Geotab’s largest fleet Electric Vehicle Suitability Assessments. The study included more than 91,000 of Enterprise Fleet Management’s leased vehicles. In addition to helping Enterprise Fleet Management better understand how the shift to EVs will affect its business today and beyond, the company says the study also it to better consult with its customers by using data-driven insights for their respective business clients.

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According to the study:

  • Of the 91,252 vehicles analyzed, 13% (approximately 12,000) were good candidates to be economically replaced by range-capable EVs today. Near-term electrification of these estimated 12,000 vehicles could achieve a total potential savings of $33 million and 194,000 tons of tailpipe CO2 emissions over four years.
  • Up to 45% (approximately 42,000) of the analyzed vehicles could be electrified as EV pickups enter the market. Shifting to EV pickups would equal 1.3 million tons of tailpipe emission reductions across the entire fleet, over a four-year service life.
  • Electrifying almost half of Enterprise Fleet Management’s vehicles would result in a potential cost savings of $167 million or $4,056.20 per vehicle.

The Geotab EVSA uses telematics data to understand a fleet’s specific needs and makes EV adoption recommendations, paired with a projection of financial savings and environmental benefits of transitioning to EVs, the company says. The EVSA forms part of Geotab’s broader suite of solutions designed to help organizations achieve zero-emissions or their sustainability goals.



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