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Five truck trend takeaways from May

Managing Editor of Fleet Equipment Magazine


We know it’s not easy to keep up with everything that happens in the world of trucking. So here are the biggest stories from May focused on the latest truck trends, all in one place.


5. Lubricant companies are preparing for the future of trucking

Today, we’re on the brink of an alternative fuels revolution, with electrification and hydrogen fuel cells knocking on the doors of fleets around the world. This means that companies like those in the lubrication industry get a chance to sit in the director’s chair to predict what the future of the industry will look like – but unlike in Hollywood, these predictions are being made by automotive experts and backed by hard science. Associate Editor David Sickels has more in our story here.


4. Hands on with the Peterbilt medium-duty truck lineup

I’ve never seen anyone beat up a truck as much as Phil Hall. The Peterbilt medium-duty segment manager pounds on the grill, punches the kick plate, stands on the cupholder and slams the door—all to prove a point. The newly unveiled Peterbilt medium-duty lineup is tough, and the new Class 7/8 Model 537 and Model 548 and Class 5/6 Model 535 and Model 536 are built to last. Watch our hands-on video with the new trucks here.


3. Electric trucks will change your fleet management process

Electric trucks are here. At this point, every major OEM either has trucks available for order or in development, but if you are interested in adding some of these models to your fleet, there is a lot of preparation that needs to be done ahead of time.


Joining me on this episode to discuss this topic is Dave Downs of CalAmp, a telematics provider. Listen below for his insights on these topics.

2. Watch: How your data can influence your best truck drivers

Not only can data help to limit the time drivers are spending on the road, increasing driver satisfaction, it also helps fleets cut down on costs and improve customer satisfaction as well. Click here to watch our video for more.


1. The return of the medium-duty market: Where will vocational trends go when the market booms?

It’s often hard to tell, in the moment, the difference between a passing fad and a trend that’s here to stay. Those Beanie Babies people hoarded in the late ’90s didn’t end up paying for anybody’s college education, and despite all the hype, Bitcoin has not exactly deposed the U.S. dollar as our go-to trusted currency. Yet, many of the staples of our society, from the internet to the smartphone, were waved off by naysayers as fads when they first arrived on the scene. 


So, to turn this to the trucking industry, when we see trends like the current rise of last-mile delivery, it’s important to ask: Is this here to stay? Though we can’t know for sure, the answer seems to be yes.

For more on this topic, including the impact on the vocational market, read our story here.



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