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Five truck trend takeaways from April


Managing Editor of Fleet Equipment Magazine

We know it’s not easy to keep up with everything that happens in the world of trucking. So here are the biggest stories from April focused on the latest truck trends, all in one place.

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5. Collision mitigation technology continues to advance

“Advanced safety systems that employ radar- and camera-based technologies that enable adaptive cruise control and even autonomous truck operation rely heavily on one specific component—the brakes. The safety of these futuristic collision mitigation systems rests squarely on proper brake application, operation and maintenance.”

As collision mitigation technology evolves, so too does brake system technology. Here’s the latest in how brake technology is ensuring the future of safety from Editor Jason Morgan.

4. The over-inventoried market’s effects on resale value

“Another challenge is the growing inventories of late-model trucks available. Many large fleets found efficiencies early in the last decade to turnover their fleets as the warranty ran out; in many cases in three years and 300,000 miles. This was certainly a smart decision for these fleets in controlling cost, but made those used trucks much more expensive.”


The unique state of the current over-inventoried market creates an equally unique situation for trucks’ resale value. Editor-At-Large Carol Birkland walks readers through spec’ing to optimize resale value in this piece.

3. Remote diagnostics continue to become more prevalent

“These systems can even identify tendencies with particular engines or trucks, so other owners of the equipment know when problems tend to happen, and can perform preventative maintenance before it ever even becomes a problem. No one’s guessing anymore: fleet managers know what’s wrong, and they know how and when to fix it.”


Adoption rates for remote diagnostic systems are growing dramatically. Why is this becoming such a trend, and where might it go next? Associate Editor Alex Crissey dives into the data-driven details.

2. The Internet of Things could be the next mega-trend

It’s been called the next mega-trend. But what exactly is the Internet of Things, and what will it bring for fleets? Carol Birkland explains.

1. Autonomous platooning technology is becoming a reality

Less than a year after Daimler Trucks North America showcased the Freightliner Inspiration Truck as the first autonomous truck operating on an open public highway in Las Vegas, Daimler Trucks took the next step in truck autonomy by demoing the Highway Pilot Connect system on the German Autobahn. Highway Pilot Connect takes the autonomous truck operation we saw a year ago and evolves it with platooning technology that allows three trucks (and possibly more in the future) to operate in concert utilizing the same self-driving technology. Watch the video below for an inside-the-cab look at Daimler’s Highway Pilot Connect in motion, and don’t forget to keep it tuned to FE‘s On the Road page, where every episode is archived.



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