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Five truck trend takeaways from February


Managing Editor of Fleet Equipment Magazine

We know it’s tough to keep up with everything that happens in the world of trucking. So here are the biggest stories focused on the latest truck trends, all in one place.

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1. Fleet Equipment dives into medium-duty

Medium-duty trucks are application-specific productivity machines. February was their time to shine in the pages of Fleet Equipment. From engines to bodies to proper spec’ing, FE delivers the goods on this segment in the medium-duty supplement. Click here to check out all of the articles.

2. How fuel filters impact engine health

“Fuel is the lifeblood that runs through the heart of your tractor—the engine—sending power into the truck’s component circulatory system. The key to your equipment’s on-highway heart health lies in the engine getting plenty of exercise as it rolls towards its million-mile goal, and to make sure it’s fed the cleanest diesel fuel possible. The fuel filter plays an important role in ensuring that your engine keeps pumping efficiently. Like all components in today’s trucking environment, fuel filters have evolved to meet the growing needs of today’s hard-working engines.”


Editor Jason Morgan demonstrates the importance of fuel filters, which keep the engine running properly, in this in-depth look.

3. Light duty vans roll large

“Ford sold 220,586 vans in 2015, a 32% increase over 2014 and the most vans it has sold in a year since 1978. They weren’t the only OEMs to experience big gains in the van market. Mercedes-Benz celebrated record sales of 29,889 vehicles sold, a 16.1% increase over 2014 and its highest annual number ever; and as of September, Nissan was reporting a 14.2% year-to-date increase in sales of its NV van series. What caused this sudden increase?”


The light-duty van market has exploded in the last few years, and van makers like Ford, Mercedes-Benz, Nissan and Ram are reaping the rewards. Associate Editor Alex Crissey takes a deep dive into the increasing popularity of and latest changes to commercial vans.

4. As truck technology evolves, so does vehicle insurance

“Picture yourself detained late at night in a weigh station alongside the interstate as a trooper pores over your insurance papers and grounds the drive because the proof-of-insurance is not on file with your home registration state. You need the right insurance company to avoid situations like that.”


Companies that insure motor carriers, trucks and drivers are not all the same. Editor-at-Large Carol Birkland walks readers through the similarities and differences, and how to find the right insurance company for your fleet.

5. The On the Road video series rolls on with a new video

Transitioning from an aged manual manufacturing process to a world-class facility doesn’t happen overnight. It takes hard work, the right leadership and a majority capital investment, but that’s exactly what Accuride has spent the past five years doing. In the latest On the Road video, take a look inside Accuride’s Rockford, Ill. foundry and manufacturing facility to detail one of the biggest manufacturing makeovers Editor Jason Morgan has ever seen. And if that’s not enough video for you, check out the full archive of On the Road videos here.



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