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Newly launched Lytx Integration Network taps Geotab, Idelic and more


Lytx has unveiled its Lytx Integration Network, which is an ecosystem of strategic partners that leverage the company’s video and telematics data solutions on a customizable, all-in-one fleet management platform. The new network gives customers access to an array of solutions for fleet operations, according to Lytx.

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Lytx says the network gives customers access to a driver management system, Geotab software, an AI-powered, end-to-end route planning and dispatch suite and more. Additionally, the Lytx Integration Network provides access to Idelic’s Safety Suite driver management system, which gives fleet owners the ability to elevate their safety culture and reduce driver turnover. Beans Route is another key integrator, providing an AI-powered, end-to-end route planning and dispatch suite.

Lytx Integration Network aggregates tools and data from more than 20 partners that offer:

• Tracking;
• Dispatching and routing;
• Maintenance and repairs;
• Transportation management;
• Insurance automation and mitigation;
• Safety and risk management; and
• Human resources and compliance.

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