Unboxing A Premium Heavy Duty Differential Rebuild Kit
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Unboxing A Premium Heavy Duty Differential Rebuild Kit


There’s nothing like the feeling of cracking open a box of high-quality truck components. Today, we have a Drivetrain Service Kit from Bower Heavy Duty Bearings. Let’s pop the top and see what’s inside.

Components in this kit:
• Seals
• Sealant
• Thread-locker
• Bearings/ Races – Tapered Roller Bearing Sets, Cylindrical Roller Bearings & Ball Bearings

NTN’s rigorously tested components live up to high quality standards of the heavy-duty truck marketplace. All of these components are specific to applications. This particular kit is specified for various Eaton axle applications, including their DA344, DA404P, DA405P, DA454P axle models. This kit can also be used for the “DS” versions of these axles.

Now that we have all of the components out of the box, let’s dive into a few of the features.

Trusted by brands such as Dana, Eaton, Freightliner, Mack and Meritor, the service kit features case carburized tapered roller bearings that undergo a special heat treatment to create a steel casing around the outside which increases the durability and extends the bearing’s life.

The pinion bearings are tailored to the OEM axle manufacturer specifications and include a width tolerance that is over 70% tighter than the standard bearing product. This offers a quick, easy and consistent pinion preload setting.

Heavy loads can cause the differential carrier and bearing cap assembly to deflect which causes excess stress on the bearing raceway. Overtime, this can significantly reduce the bearing’s life. The axle OEM has worked with Bower to design side bearings with special roller technology, superior surface finishes, and raceway crowning features to increase the bearing lifespan.

Some kits also include seals, gaskets and o-rings which are application specific, and are manufactured with the highest quality materials to keep the lubricants in, and any debris or contaminants out. There is also the option to order kits with or without sealant and threadlocker, depending on the preference of the rebuilder.

That all means cost savings for your shop and improved performance for your trucks. To learn more about the Bower Bearings Repair Kit, visit PowerofBower.com.

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