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Fleets offer reman engine insights



Mack-REMACK-Basic-EngineDan Vander Pol, director of maintenance for Oak Harbor Freight Lines Inc.:

“We have purchased reman engines on our city trucks [Class 7], but most of the time on our linehaul trucks [Class 8], we would be able to rebuild the engine and if we can’t rebuild we purchase new engines. We have put reman engines in our city trucks because those engines are generally not rebuildable, and there are also reman engines to purchase for them.”

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Darry Stuart, president and chief executive officer of DWS Fleet Management Services:

“In some cases, it is quicker to purchase a remanufactured engine than in the past. In my opinion, a reman engine is for major block failures and not an option for engine overhauls. When I have purchased them, they did perform to expectations with little or no issues. Generally, they are not programmed and you swap the ECM over and inherit your program. This is not an issue. If it is not swapped, you have to double-check that it is properly programmed. Speed setting and certain parameters are set locally and not part of the base programming.”

David Foster, vice president of maintenance with Premier Transportation:

“The only reman engines we have purchased were specifically for yard trucks that we were rebuilding. The reasons we elected to go this route include the cost advantages, warranty and turnaround time to install a reman verses a purchasing a new engine or rebuilding one. We have had good service out of these units, and no failures to date.”

Peter Nativo, director of maintenance with Oakley Transport:

“While we do not purchase reman engines, we have received reman engines under warranty from our provider and they performed to our expectations. They were programmed to our specification from the manufacturer dealer and we have had no issues.”


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