Tire management: Tales of scrap tire analysis and TCO

Tire management: Tales of scrap tire analysis and TCO

According to Loos, any software solution is really only as good as the expertise behind the data. The absolute best way for a fleet manager to implement any software, or hardware, solution is to fully align with a knowledgeable dealer and manufacturer. From gathering data to analysis, the power of the tool is multiplied exponentially by some of the best tire advisors in the industry working closely with the fleet manager to put that system into action.

When grouping your data, tires should be searchable by type, according to Michelin’s Crehan. The key will be to capture data that will be of value to answer the questions you have.

“The data should be separated by operational groupings if the fleet has several types of vehicles [regional, delivery, construction, waste, long haul, etc.],” he said. “The basic starts with casing manufacturer, tread, size, original and retread DOT information, damage condition, as well as the number of times the tire has been retreaded and/or repaired. Using damage codes or some other method will also be useful for the fleet.”

In terms of frequency of fleets diving into the scrap tire pile, Norberto Flores, marketing manager for Goodyear Tire and Rubber Co., recommended that it be an “evergreen” process. “Depending on the scrap pile, analysis can be performed every two weeks or even monthly,” he said. “If conducted at bigger intervals, however, fleets could miss some ‘early warning signs’ that could prevent them from immediately taking action and saving money. There is a tremendous amount of valuable knowledge sitting in a scrap tire pile.”

Regardless of how often you put your scrap analysis process to work, Double Coin’s Smothers recommended that you be as systematic as possible to eliminate as many variables as possible in order to collect uniform data. “Each tire should be evaluated the same way each time,” he said. “For example, beginning with remaining tread depths, I always start on the Serial Side making it Rib 1 measurement No. 1.”


Rereading retread data

Retreading remains a reliable practice; and just like the original tire, these treads share a similar story. Whether analyzing a new tire that has been scrapped or a retreaded tire that has been scrapped, the principles are the same. However, fleets that practice retread analysis should make note of how many times the casing has been retreaded.

“Over the long term, fleets could find that some brands of tires—or certain tire models within a particular brand—lend themselves well to retreading,” said Goodyear’s Flores. “They also might discover that certain tires can more consistently handle multiple retreadings.”

Cooper’s Schroeder recommended that fleets should also look for issues that are specific to retreads such as examining splices where the retread comes together, or ensuring that the retread tread width is wide enough for the casing.

Additionally, the inspector will want to check and see how many times the casing has been retreaded.  “Also, it’s important to keep an eye out for the Bead area,” directed Double Coin’s Smothers. “If the Beads appear to be flat or inverted it is a very good indication that the tire has been overloaded or underinflated sometime during its service.”

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