Three takes on getting started with trailer telematics

Three takes on getting started with trailer telematics

The growing technology segment is getting complicated. Here are tips for navigating it.

Trailer telematics providers, capabilities and considerations have exploded in the past several months. Great Dane threw its hat into the mix with FleetPulse. WABCO announced ABS ECU-driven data insight. Lighting manufacturers like Truck-Lite and Peterson Mfg. Co. continue to develop their trailer telematics platforms. The fact is that the value trailer telematics systems offer go way beyond simple trailer GPS tracking.

At the TMC Technology & Annual Meeting and Transportation Technology Exhibition, I stopped by a couple of booths to ask for tips on how to get started, what fleets should be looking for from providers and how all the components are tied together. Here’s what I found out.

Advice for how to get started with trailer telematics from Great Dane

Mike Molitor, Great Dane’s director of business development, shares his thoughts:

Let’s talk trailer lighting with Peterson Mfg. Co.

Cory Adams, vice president of engineering with Peterson Mfg. Co., talks about the value of lighting data integration in telematics platforms.

ABS: The brains behind the operation with WABCO

Collin Shaw, director of business development and marketing with WABCO North America, dives into how ABS plays a big role in trailer telematics.

Looking for more trailer telematics info?

Here’s a collection of stories where you can learn more.

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