How the 3G sunset could impact your trucks' ELDs
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How the 3G sunset could impact your trucks’ ELDs

Jason Morgan is the content director of Fleet Equipment.


I know, even mentioning ELDs could make your skin crawl. While the transition for some fleets was trying, the digital benefits that come along with it can make the headaches worth it, as long as your technology of choice is in it for the long haul. If you were ahead of the ELD mandate requirement, it’s worth checking with your provider to ensure that you’re ready for the 3G sunset.

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What’s that?

It’s when cellular providers AT&T, Sprint, T-Mobile and Verizon will stop supporting 3G hardware. In Verizon’s case, the provider sunset its network last year (though noted that they were working with commercial customers to ensure uninterrupted service). T-Mobile aims to end its 3G network this year, with AT&T and Sprint eyeing 2022. It’s worth noting that those dates are ever in motion as different outlets report different dates. All the more reason to ensure your fleet’s telematics hardware is up to date.


If it’s not, then that means rolling out new hardware or potentially even switching providers if you’re looking for a more robust telematics offering. To understand the scope of telematics hardware updates, I connected with Scott Sutarik, Geotab’s vice president of commercial motor vehicle solutions. Watch the video above for all of the insight.

Truck data ownership, privacy

Scott and I cover a lot of ground in our conversation, turning down every conversation side road that comes our way. That’s what happens when we get together to talk truck data. Here’s the background on our reference to truck data ownership and privacy.

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