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Wondering how to integrate your truck data? Here are a few ideas

Jason Morgan is the editor of Fleet Equipment. He has more than 15 years of B2B journalism experience covering the likes of trucking and construction equipment, real estate, movies and craft beer industries.

Integration. Five years ago that word was synonymous with powertrain components. Today, the integration trend continues, but now it’s synonymous with data. You have plenty of it streaming off of your trucks, but being able to put that data in to actionable dashboards and match it up with other data points from other solutions providers is a must if you want to get the most out of your analytics.

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How do you do it and what data should you focus on?

Sherry Calkins, Geotab vice president of strategic partners, shared her insight in the latest episode of Fleet Equipment Unscripted, our video interview series. The first two things to start an integration you have to consider are the availability of APIs (that’s how the data is sent from one platform to another) and data security. From there, the productivity-boosting opportunities are nearly limitless, but the path to deep integration can be challenging–from ensuring the data is in a usable format to bringing all of our providers to the integration table. Watch the video above for all of Calkins’s advice.


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