Hyliion's CEO talks sustainable truck equipment choices
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Hyliion’s CEO talks sustainable truck equipment choices

Jason Morgan is the content director of Fleet Equipment.


You may have thought that we’ve been down the sustainability road before when “going green” was in vogue, but this time is different. Huge investments from every energy sector and increasingly stringent environmental regulations are pushing trucking toward an energy sea change. The question now isn’t if it will happen, it’s how it will happen. Will it be hybrid? All-electric? Hydrogen electric?

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Like most things in the trucking world, the answer will likely be: It depends on application, and what delivers the best ROI for your fleet business. To get our sustainability sea legs under us, I talked with Hyliion CEO Thomas Healy. We chat about the rapid development of sustainability options and what fleets can do to start understanding what sustainable equipment solutions are right for them. Watch the video above for more details.

Sustaining engagement with more Hyliion conversations

Last September already feels like a different world when it comes to sustainability conversations, but Hyliion has been in it for the long haul. Watch my previous conversation with Thomas and Secretary Andrew H. Card Jr. Yes, THE Secretary Andrew H. Card Jr., who is now a member of Hyliion’s board of directors.

And back when the world was normal, we had the opportunity to ride in a truck that Hyliion had converted. Check that out here:

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