Maximizing the life of your diesel pick-up

Maximizing the life of your diesel pickup

This article is one of a series from Chevron Lube Matters on the importance of clean oil. 

All maintenance program should begin by following OEM recommended procedures and intervals (period). Yet that alone may not be enough to keep maintenance costs predictable and in check, as well as maximize the life of your truck.

Starting with a detailed inspection checklist that meets your truck’s manufacturer and regulatory standards, diesel pick-up owners will benefit from a customized inspection and maintenance program that takes into consideration parts that are more likely to wear out faster in higher mileage commercial operations and those that typically need more frequent attention, such as filters.

A few considerations when developing your customized maintenance program include:

  • Winters can not only be hard on you, but they can be hard on your truck as well. Cold temperatures can produce wax— commonly called “gelling” in diesel fuel. Fuel filtration is important for diesel engines, because filters specifically designed for diesels must be used and replaced at recommended intervals.
  • Draining fuel/water separators are essential because water can damage injection systems if not removed by a properly serviced fuel/water separator.
  • Did you know that work can also be stressful for your truck? In commercial applications, operating conditions for diesel pickups can put added stress on engines and other systems not experienced in personal use pickups. For example, some fleets report that tires and brakes are of special concern due to the weight of the vehicles, which are often loaded with tools and supplies.
  • Additionally, harsher vibration caused by off-highway use—at a construction site, for example– means gaskets on diesel engines used in commercial applications should be checked more frequently to avoid leaks, and that all mounting bolts should be inspected regularly.

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