The importance of electrical wiring

The importance of electrical wiring

Lighting is one of the top three CSA violations and it can all be mitigated with the right electrical wiring specs.


Lighting is one of the top three CSA violations and it can all be mitigated with the right electrical wiring specs. From unscheduled downtime and CSA violations, an electrical system failure can be serious, so invest wisely as you look to put the products on your equipment that will have the lowest total cost of ownership.

Corrosion is the enemy and the heavy-duty electrical assemblies you should choose need to offer unbreakable non-corrosive housings and quick-change components that lock out corrosion causing moisture and the harsh chemicals that are used on the highways of our nation. They also offer the ability to make the repair when necessary at the lowest possible cost in the least amount of time.

When it comes to lighting, it all needs to start with the right electrical connectors that will extend the life of your electrical system. TMC RP 704C provides some guidance when looking to spec out heavy-duty lighting systems for trailers. A key point is the need to stay corrosion-free with innovations that keep the weather out and are unbreakable and easy to service.

An integral part of the electrical system is the electrical harness. A small malfunction could cut power and lead to an out of service violation, or even worse, it may leave your driver stranded out on the road. Ensure an uncompromised electrical system by specifying an electrical harness system that has a slim design and can fit in the tightest spaces and are first in quality and corrosion resistance. Noseboxes need to protect internal wiring from harsh weather environments and outside contaminants. While the tractor to trailer connection needs to be easily serviced and meet or exceed RP137C.

In the end, one must do their due diligence and research as not all cables and wires are created equal. Cables and wire are should be constructed from high-quality copper wiring and durable jacketing for superior abrasion resistance. For extra protection, you can even specify clear battery cable jacketing that allows you to catch corrosion right when it starts at the power source itself. The main point is not to neglect your electrical system, as it provides the power you need to keep your lights working for the long haul.

Gerry Mead is the executive director of innovation with Phillips Industries.

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