Improving your truck shop operations when you need it most

Improving your truck shop operations when you need it most

There’s no time for downtime. In your truck service shops, you’re balancing social distancing, perhaps altered truck maintenance and technician schedules, while maintaining the highest degree of safety and service efficiency.

For ideas on how to support everything that depends on your maintenance process, how to stay on top of emerging fault code trends and keeping your technicians engaged when they’re not in your bays, I talked with Tim Bigwood, chief executive officer of Noregon Systems.

“Having the latest and greatest data is going to ensure that your system is running as efficiently as possible,” he said.

But what data is that specifically and what can help you stay on top of it so you can act? Watch the video above for all of the shop and equipment management insight.

Editor’s Note: Tim referenced Noregon’s NextStep Repair, and I noted that I had a chance to walk through the new offering at TMC earlier this year. Here’s that story:


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