Increased fuel efficiency that works toward greater sustainability

Increased fuel efficiency that works toward greater sustainability

How to map out greater fuel efficiency and take stock of your decarbonization efforts.

The sustainability buzz is reaching a fever pitch–but how do you stop talking about it and start doing it? Big fleets–think UPS, NFI and Sysco to name a few–with the capital to get moving toward zero emissions have long-term road maps that look holistically at the business’s emissions. That’s can be intimidating for the rest of the trucking world. Small and mid-sized fleet managers grind away at the day-to-day challenges while keeping one eye on the future. Every fleet is striving to be more fuel efficient, which means burning less diesel fuel and thus, decarbonizing. So how do you get credit for that hard work in moving toward increasingly sustainable fleet operations?

For that answer, Duane Tegels, product marketing manager, powertrain, Volvo Trucks North America, stopped by the Fleet Equipment studio for a sit-down conversation about sustainability, fuel efficiency and what it all means to fleets of any size. For its part, Volvo Trucks has been aggressive in its rollout of the VNR Electric heavy-duty battery electric truck in short-haul routes and has pledged a zero-emissions product lineup by 2040. Of course, moving toward greater sustainability isn’t a light-switch moment. Diesel powertrain solutions allow fleets to start decarbonizing today. Watch the video above for all of Tegels’s insight.


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