Inside the intelligence that powers truck powertrain efficiency

Inside the intelligence that powers truck powertrain efficiency

Powertrain integration goes beyond how the components connect. Powertrain management software pushes fuel efficiency further.

Squeezing out more fuel efficiency from diesel powertrains means leveraging increasingly intelligent powertrain integration. Years ago, when we talked about integration, that meant how the engine and transmission were engineered and mated together. Today’s integration means intelligent powertrain management systems—sophisticated software that spans the driveline to maximize shift points, anticipate terrain and enable aggressive downsped spec’ing.

Consider this use case: The Volvo Trucks turbo-compounding D13TC engine pairs with the Volvo I-Shift transmission that enables an adaptive gear shift strategy and the intelligent GPS mapping in I-See to improve fuel efficiency.

It’s solid Volvo branding that sounds impressive, but what does it actually mean? How does it work, and how much fuel can fleets really expect to save?

Duane Tegels, product marketing manager, powertrain, Volvo Trucks North America, stopped by the Fleet Equipment studio to share answers to those questions. He walks us through the latest powertrain technology and how I-Torque and I-See software makes a tangible impact to positively impact a truck’s operating costs. Watch the video above for all of his insight.

More powertrain talk with Tegels

Catch up on the first conversation with Tegels focused on powertrains and sustainability.


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