Isuzu pulls the sheet off its N-Series EV Class 5 truck

Isuzu pulls the sheet off its N-Series EV Class 5 truck

The 2025 N-Series is a fully battery electric truck that's ready for large-scale production.

The first electric truck in the Isuzu Commercial Truck of America N-Series lineup made its debut at Work Truck Week. The 2025-model-year Class 5 truck—featuring a full 19,500-pound gross vehicle weight rating, a battery electric platform developed by Isuzu Motors Limited, and an all-new cab design—will be available in the first half of 2024.

Some notable features of the 2025 NRR EV, noted by the company, include:

• Wheelbases ranging from 132.5 to 176 in. to accommodate a variety of body lengths;
• Standard Cab Design;
• Four choices of battery capacity, the largest of which has a range up to 235 miles*;
• DC Fast Charging and AC (Level 2) charging capability;
• An optional Advanced Driver Assistance System package designed to improve driver, passenger and pedestrian safety and to help reduce the number and severity of collisions; and
• A new cab, inside and out, engineered from the ground up to increase driver safety and comfort.

Every N-Series EV will be powered by a number of 20-kilowatt-hour, lithium-ion battery packs. Customers will be able to choose from three-, five-, seven-, and nine-battery-pack models. The more battery packs, the longer the driving range, the OEM noted. N-Series EV trucks, with battery capacities of 60, 100, 140, and 180 kWh, will have an AC Level 2 charging time range from 5.5 to 10 hours and a DC Fast Charging time range from 1 to 2.5 hours.


Depending upon the number of battery packs, the company notes that the N-Series EV trucks will have driving ranges from 41 to 235 miles:

• Three battery packs (60 kWh capacity): 41-80 miles;
• Five battery packs (100 kWh capacity): 68-130 miles;
• Seven battery packs (140 kWh capacity): 95-180 miles; and
• Nine battery packs (180 kWh capacity): 122-235 miles.

Isuzu states that all figures are calculated estimates and based on a fully charged battery. Actual range will vary based on a number of factors, including number of battery packs, vehicle options, driving conditions and habits, vehicle and battery’s condition and outside temperature.

The company notes that the N-Series EV models will be equipped with charging ports that accommodate the most popular charging connectors in the U.S. and Canada: DC charging (CCS1) and AC charging (J1772).

A new cab makes it’s debut…

The 2025 N-Series EV will also feature a redesigned cab with revised exterior styling and an all-new interior. It will be the first truck to feature Isuzu’s global “Cross Flow” design that will eventually be applied to all Isuzu trucks in the U.S. and Canada markets.

Exterior features:

• The new directs the flow of air around the sides of the cab;
• The all-new headlamp assembly employs LED clearance lights, turn signals, high and low beams and side marker lights;

Interior features:

• Driver and outboard frontal passenger airbags, designed as supplemental protection to work in combination with the seatbelts, will be standard on every Isuzu N-Series EV.
• The steering wheel’s position and angle have been changed to provide a better fit than previous N-Series cabs for a wider variety of drivers. It also features a smaller diameter.
• The steering wheel hub will contain switches that operate the multi-information display, audio system, cruise control, hands-free phone calling.
• The new 7-inch color multi-information display will be standard equipment on every N-Series EV, and will house warning lights; status indicators of driver-assistance features; time and temperature displays; odometer; fuel gauge; shift position indicator and more. Drivers can choose from English, French and Spanish as the display language.

Other new interior features include:

• Auto-on/off headlamps;
• Electrically operated climate controls;
• Variable intermittent windshield wipers;
• Electronic parking brake; and
• Driver’s seat arm rest.

All N-Series EV models will offer three-across seating. Seats will feature new cushions and upholstery. The driver’s seat back will be 30 millimeters higher than prior N-Series seats to accommodate taller drivers, and both driver and outboard passenger’s hip points have been lowered 10 millimeters for a better seating position, the OEM noted.

N-Series ADAS

The 2025 N-Series EV features the revised Advance Driver Assistance System (ADAS) package. This optional suite of features includes Automatic Emergency Braking and Lane Departure Warning Systems, which are part of the current N-Series diesel ADAS package. Full-Range Adaptive Cruise Control (ACC) improves on the current ACC feature with its ability to bring the truck to a complete stop and then return it to its originally set speed once the driver depresses the accelerator again.

The N-Series EV’s optional ADAS package, Isuzu notes, will also include:

• Distance alert system: Notifies the driver when the front of the Isuzu truck is within a certain distance of the vehicle ahead.
• Forward vehicle start notification: From a stop, notifies the driver when the vehicle in front of the Isuzu truck has moved forward a certain distance (at a traffic light or stop sign, for example).
• Mis-acceleration mitigation: When starting to move from a stop, if an obstacle in front of the Isuzu truck is detected and the accelerator is depressed more than necessary, engine output will be restricted. This helps prevent or lessen the severity of accidents caused by mistaken accelerator pedal depression, the OEM noted.

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