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John Bean introduces Wheel Balancing System


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John Bean has introduced its new 9800 Heavy Duty Wheel Balancing System, which the company says is designed for shops that perform multiple heavy-duty balancing jobs on a daily basis. The system is capable of handling wheel ranges from 12 inches to  24.5 inches, plus super-single tires. Additional features highlighted by the company include:

  • Pneumatic Wheel Lift Aids in proper wheel mounting and reduces strains caused by lifting heavy tires.
  • Semi-Automatic Data Entry Makes setup easy and eliminates errors as it inputs diameter and distance utilizing the inner input arm.
  • Self-Calibration By Operator The operator can recalibrate the balancer in two easy steps ensuring accuracy, while saving money on service calls.

“With its rugged digital display, the John Bean 9800 balancer stands up to the demands of heavy-duty service use,” said Kyle Harris, product manager for John Bean. “It is also extremely versatile and can even balance sensitive alloy wheels by hiding weights behind spokes. Shops will see dramatically improved productivity when they start using the John Bean 9800 wheel balancer.”



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