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KeepTruckin, Ambarella partner on front ADAS, driver monitoring


Managing Editor of Fleet Equipment Magazine

KeepTruckin announced that it has selected Ambarella’s CV22 CVflow edge AI vision system on chip (SoC) for its new AI Dashcam. This latest AI Dashcam uses a single CV22 SoC to simultaneously provide AI and image processing for its dual-camera system, which integrates one camera for the front advanced driver assistance system (ADAS) with incident recording, and a second RGB-IR camera for the driver-monitoring system (DMS) with driver recording.

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Additionally, with Ambarella’s edge AI processing performance-per-watt, the CV22 enables the AI Dashcam to run KeepTruckin’s AI algorithms for real-time high-risk behavior detection and active warnings directly on the device, with minimal heat dissipation, the companies say.

Front ADAS features enabled by the CV22 include warnings for: close following, lane departures, forward collisions, speeding and traffic violations. Using the same SoC, the in-cabin camera’s DMS capabilities include monitoring for driver fatigue, distraction and policy violations, such as contextual cell phone use or seatbelt monitoring, in combination with data from the front camera.

The AI Dashcam is connected to the KeepTruckin Vehicle Gateway, which uploads the pre-analyzed data, video and still images to KeepTruckin’s cloud-based fleet management software in real time.


KeepTruckin can easily upload additional features to the CV22 over time, via over-the-air software updates, to deliver incremental value to clients that invest in the platform. Moreover, KeepTruckin’s model training becomes increasingly more precise due to its in-house safety team assessing quality in real time, adding additional risk context and providing input that makes model training and development cycles shorter, the company says.



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