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Kinedyne introduces reflective VeeBoards that illuminate secured cargo


Managing Editor of Fleet Equipment Magazine

Kinedyne has released new reflective cargo corner protector VeeBoards that illuminating cargo strapped on an open-deck trailer, allowing it to be seen more easily at night. According to Kinedyne, additional features of the new reflective VeeBoards include: the fact that they need no batteries, but emit a glow from the reflected light of oncoming traffic; feature a stackable design that lets the VeeBoards sit atop each other; and are heat-resistant allowing them to work in a variety of temperatures.

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Also new from Kinedyne are these VeeBoards kits:

  • VeeBoards Safety Kit. This 12-pack has four reflective and eight standard VeeBoards bundled with an easy-carry handle. 
  • VeeBoards 2Go Lite. A 12-pack of regular Veeboards with easy-carry handle. (The original VeeBoards 2Go pack still includes 20 VeeBoards.) 



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