Larson Electronics touts surface-mount UV lights' ability to disinfect surfaces from Coronavirus
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Larson Electronics touts surface-mount UV lights’ ability to disinfect surfaces from Coronavirus


David Sickels is the Senior Editor of Fleet Equipment. He has a history of working in the media, marketing and automotive industries in both print and online.

Larson Electronics says its line of surface mount UVC lights are specifically designed to disinfect busy environments and facilities from viruses like the COVID-19 Coronavirus without contact.

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The company says these units can be permanently installed on surfaces or ceilings (depending on the model) and serve as a sanitation area for devices and equipment. The solution enables frequently used tools to be disinfected..

The company’s GAU-TRF-2X4-3L-LVR-UVC-T8-V1 product includes three UVC fluorescent lamps and operates on 120-277V AC. The lamps are in a recessed troffer mount for 2×4-ft. ceiling installations and are recommended for 500 sq. ft. The company also offers this fixture in a 2×2-ft. troffer configuration.

The company’s IND-SS-48-2L-SBM-BL-UV product is a two-lamp UVC fluorescent linear fixture with a 304 stainless steel housing for protection in rugged, corrosive, wet and marine locations, Larson Electronics says. This fixture operates on 120-277V AC and is recommended for surface mount applications. It is equipped with a sliding mount bracket, the light can be adjusted for directional control after installation.

For large rooms and hard-to-reach sections of buildings, the company also says it offers mobile UV sanitation carts with multiple UVC fluorescent lights. Handheld UV disinfection lights with hooks are also available for up-close sanitation of work stations, tables and machines.

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