Logging in: The ins and outs of the ELD mandate

Logging in: The ins and outs of the ELD mandate

A leap in technology

Pedigree’s ELD offering

For some carriers, ELDs will require a large leap in technology from manual logs. Other carriers are already adopting ELDs in advance of the mandate. Regardless of the timing, contemplating the move to ELDs means evaluating the many technology solutions that are already available.

Omnitracs offers its electronic onboard recorder (EOBR) and compliance plans that run on its MCP50, MCP110 and MCP200 mobile computing platforms. The plans include an HOS application that automatically captures driving time for electronic logs and is compliant with the latest FMCSA regulations. The EOBR Plan is available to customers using the Omnitracs Services Portal, which provides access to web-based fleet management services.

PeopleNet eDriver Logs hours-of-service management capability can be enabled in the company’s DISPLAY.4 fixed mount and tablet devices. Drivers use the application to indicate on-duty, off-duty, sleeper berth and driving status. The data is also available in real time to law enforcement officials and to fleet dispatchers through the PeopleNet Fleet Manager Web-based interface. eDriver Logs will be in compliance with the ELD Mandate upon its effective date.

Zonar’s 2020 Mobile Communications Tablet works inside and outside the vehicle to host applications for hours of service reporting. The company’s ZLogs program is an HOS application, which provides available hours, updates duty status and electronically submits service records.

GPS Insight’s HOS solution uses innovative software engineering’s (ISE) eFleetSuite application and the ELD-2000, a new GPS Insight-powered Android tablet to deliver real-time electronic driver logs, enabling

Rand McNally
Rand McNally’s ELD offering

compliance with the paperless FMCSA ELD mandate. The HOS solution complies with current FMCSA requirements and will be updated to comply with ELD mandate requirements when they are announced.

Pedigree Technologies provides its OneView FleetPOV application that electronically records data for electronic log books required by the ELD mandate. The ELD also instantly sends inputted information from individual devices to the Pedigree OneView platform allowing office staff to immediately pull reports for FMCSA compliance.

Rand McNally’s TND 760, Fleet Edition is a mobile fleet management solution that provides electronic driver log capabilities and HOS alerts and warnings for drivers. HOS information can be viewed on the device and through the Rand McNally Connect web portal. Options include driving, on-duty (not driving), off-duty, and sleeper berth duty status.

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