A look at Teletrac Navman’s Director

A look at Teletrac Navman’s Director

About a year and a half after Teletrac and Navman Wireless formed Teletrac Navman, the combined company has rolled out a new fleet management platform designed to provide an array of capabilities for fleets.

“Teletrac Navman Director, now available worldwide, can meet fleet needs in a variety of markets,” said newly appointed Teletrac Navman President Renaat Ver Eecke. “Its design is focused on the ability to intelligently track assets and collect valuable data to meet a range of business needs and to drive enhanced productivity for customers.”

Director, Ver Eecke noted, combines the Safety Analytics features from Teletrac’s fleet Director with the enhanced workflow and analytics tools from the Navman Wireless Online AVL2 platform.

“Director brings data about vehicle location and activity, workflow and forms, real-time maps, maintenance alerts and safety into a single screen to serve as the nerve center for a fleet’s operation,” said Paresh Nagda, chief technology officer at Teletrac Navman. “This versatility is further enhanced by capabilities such as fuel use tracking, messaging and routing, vehicle diagnostics, visual dashboards, driver behavior analysis tools and comprehensive reporting features about assets in the field.”

The Director safety module, Nagda explained, scores driver performance based on second-by-second data reported by the vehicle and company priorities. “Safety Analytics,” he related, “identifies poor driving behavior by monitoring vehicle usage, speeding events, and violations. Its driver scorecard, real-time notifications and event replays allow managers to implement safety improvement programs that help keep CSA scores low and the fleet operating safely.

“Director also allows fleets to track compliance with driver’s hour of service [HOS] regulations,” Nagda continued. “Its HOS dashboard provides a detailed view of available hours for all drivers and highlights drivers at risk of becoming non-compliant. The platform also provides drivers with warnings to reduce compliance violations and fines.”teletrac2

Currently, Director includes a paperless ELOG solution while Teletrac Navman is now developing an electronic logging device (ELD) feature that it plans to introduce in early 2017.

A key component of Director, according to Nagda, is its Connected Workflow capabilities.

“Director allows fleets to fully automate workflow with messaging and custom forms with all the customer information the driver needs, and to collect proof of delivery signatures in the field to process orders and accelerate billing cycles,” he explained further. “In addition, its real-time view of a fleet’s current status, activity and locations combined with communication functions and quick search and filtering capabilities, enable increased productivity and asset utilization.

“Director’s interactive dashboards are complemented by configurable reports that provide a detailed view of a fleet’s performance metrics, such as engine hours, idle time, mileage and fuel use,” Nagda added. “This enables monitoring of fuel consumption, the ability to identify assets that are being underutilized, and tracking and managing vehicle maintenance.”

Other features of the web-based Director fleet management platform include live traffic maps from Google and search capabilities by address, site, latitude and longitude coordinates or points of interest. In addition, the platform has administrative tools for API support, exporting vehicle summaries, developing configuration templates and managing user access, along with tools for password security, user permissions, logs and activity reports, and Bulk Import Tools for driver and site management.

Director, Teletrac Navman said, is applicable, configurable and scalable for fleets in a variety of industries, from long-haul transportation to construction and other markets, in North America.

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